This season we’ve seen the club grow from around 110 to 130 young cricketers, that’s not including the 24 we had in the Milo in2Cricket program. This has resulted in an astounding 11 junior teams this season and the junior side of the club continues its strong upward growth. This growth can’t be achieved without the efforts of the many parents and volunteers who have helped out over the season, so I’d like to take a moment and have a big round of applause for all our coaches, parents, scorers, bbq-ers and anyone who has helped and assisted with a team this season. Many other clubs have and continue to remark about the terrific junior program and community we have going here at the Hawks, so I hope you are all very proud of yourselves.

Unfortunately we didn’t taste any premiership success this season despite having 2 teams make the finals. It’s too easy to just judge the season on wins and losses and I prefer to focus on the enjoyment the kids have had throughout the year, their excitement for each training session and game and their eagerness to return next season! As I’ve said many times to the super 7’s and fast 9’s this season, the results don’t matter, as long as you have fun!

We can also look at representative cricket to see how successful and talented our young boys are. This season we had 18 players proudly representing the club in over 9 different representative teams. A big round of applause for those boys please!

A huge congratulations to all our award winners on the night. Below is a list of the awards:

Trevor Perkins Award for Outstanding Junior Cricketer: Kurt Tellis

Under 16 Brown

Batting: Tyler Voulanas – 8 innings, 2 not outs, 253 runs @ 42.17, highest score 90, three 50’s

Bowling: Tyler Voulanas – 41.4 overs, 8 maidens, 8 wickets for 139 runs @ 17.38, B.B. 2/11

Coach’s award: Danushka Weerasekera

Under 16 Gold

Batting: Kurt Tellis – 8 innings, 1 not out, 387 runs @ 55.29, highest score 83, five 50’s

Bowling: William Bromley – 44.1 overs, 10 maidens, 14 wickets for 136 runs @ 9.71, B.B. 3/16

Coach’s award: Krispin Martin

Under 14A

Batting: Insa Adhikari – 7 innings, 2 not outs, 111 runs @ 22.20, highest score 30*

Bowling: Spencer Storan – 23 overs, 2 maidens, 5 wickets for 72 runs @ 14.40, B.B. 2/7

Coach’s award: Kovid Jayasuriya

Under 14B Brown

Batting: Kyle Brand – 8 innings, 5 not outs, 240 runs @ 80.00, highest score 55, two 50’s

Bowling: Ben Noonan – 36 overs, 2 maidens, 16 wickets for 66 runs @ 4.13, B.B. 5/6

Coach’s award: Ben Kirchner

Under 14B Gold

Batting: Gaatik Guhan – 9 innings, 4 not outs, 221 runs @ 44.20, highest score 62*, one 50

Bowling: Sanithu Kalansooriya – 31 overs, 3 maidens, 8 wickets for 90 runs @ 11.25, B.B. 3/8

Coach’s award: Anshu Panjikar

Under 12A

Batting: Brad Fraser – 9 innings, 4 not outs, 123 runs @ 24.60, highest score 43*

Bowling: Brad Fraser – 25 overs, 4 maidens, 5 wickets for 44 runs @ 8.80, B.B. 2/4

Coach’s award: Ben Wellman

Under 12B Blue

Batting: Darren Dineshkumar – 9 innings, 7 not outs, 102 runs @ 51.00, highest score 32*

Bowling: Darren Dineshkumar – 27 overs, 4 maidens, 5 wickets for 68 runs @ 13.60, B.B. 2/2

Coach’s award: Harindra Mendu

Under 12B White

Batting: Jaimee Ellwood – 9 innings, 5 not outs, 96 runs @ 24.00, highest score 30*

Bowling: Vishal Senthil – 27 overs, 2 maidens, 6 wickets for 122 runs @ 20.33, B.B. 2/1

Coach’s award: Matthew Lorback


I'd like to give a massive shout out to all the coaches and team managers that volunteered this season. You play such a vital role for the club and I am so appreciative of the support you have given to me and our many young cricketers. I would particularly like to thank Mitch, Greg, Marek, Brendan Healy, Guhan, Anthony, Richard, Matt, Jason, Parminder, Ravi and Vikas.

While I am handing out thank yous, I must say a very big thank you to those who organised and also contributed to my end of season gift. I am blown away by the generosity of our Glen Waverley Hawks community. I do indeed put a lot of time and effort into the club and you have made me feel extremely appreciated with such a special gift so I thank you all so very much!

Cam Hocart
G.W.H.C.C. Junior Coordinator

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